5 Magazines That Provide Us Inspiration

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I have always loved the smell of fresh ink and the weight of paper of books and magazines. Although it’s very convenient to go online and read these days, picking up a heavy book or a glossy magazine is a better best way to absorb inspiration. When holding a magazine, I’m immersed in its smell of ink, sound of page turning and inspiration!

1. Offscreen

Offscreen is an independent print magazine that examines how we shape technology and how technology shapes us. It’s published three times a year, as well as a weekly newsletter.

It’s is a slow counterbalance to the fast pace of popular media, exploring creativity and design through introspective writing and thoughtful human stories. Offscreen is a proponent of the “slow web,” celebrating the idea that not all that is instant and convenient is necessarily good for us. Nathan Paterson

2. Backstage Talks

Backstage Talks is an interview magazine created alongside the annual By Design Conf (a Conference for Designers, Entrepreneurs and Creative Minds). This magazine is an opportunity to learn from the best in the field of design and to see what design means for business. This is a magazine of casual, but in depth dialogues on design and business.

We’re trying to discover what lies beyond what’s visible in design: the thinking and various approaches. — Martin Jenca

Image by Backstage Talks

3. B

B magazine takes an advertisement-free, documentary approach to a single iconic brand in every issue. It’s covered many well-known brands including LEGO, Mini and Montblanc. Each issue goes deep into the people, history, evolution, products, experiences, and philosophies of the brand it covers.

I recommend it to anyone who likes branding and brand strategy, or just loves products and design. The many ways it looks at a brand and all its expressions goes far beyond simple identity and logo. Clark Scheffy

Image by B

4. Banana

In 2014, first generation Asian-Americans Vicky Ho and Kathleen Tso launched Banana magazine, a lifestyle magazine dedicated to exploring the intersection of Eastern and Western cultures. Their goal is to understand what this third identity — neither Asian nor American, but Asian-American — means.

As a designer, I think it’s fascinating to understand how cultures can blend together. With the growing influence of Asian countries on design trends, this magazine is relevant, vibrant, and bold, and offers great graphic design inspiration. Coline Prevost

Image by Banana

5. Wired Magazine

Wired Magazine covers a wide range of technology-related subjects. It’s a more in-depth magazine, focusing mainly on home technology, robotics, consumer electronics, space exploration techniques, and general, timely science topics.

Image by Wired




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Yao Chen

Yao Chen

UX Designer. www.yaochendesign.com

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