The Five UX Blogs That I’m Following And Why You Should Too

Are you a UX designer or considering a move in to UX design? This is a field that is in a constant state of flux. Therefore, staying tuned with industry development and continuously developing your skills are important. One way of doing this is to conduct your own research in order to help guarantee that your designs will have the highest degree of usability.

Luckily, we have easy access to unlimited online resources nowadays, which makes it easier than ever to keep up with trends and learn new skills. In this post, I’m going to share my favourite 5 UX blogs full of resources and entertaining content.


  1. Nielsen Norman Group

Co-founded by Don Norman, Neilsen Norman Group’s blog features many research-driven and educational posts on the research behind UX design. Many of the topics on this blog revolve around user testing and user behavior. They also feature posts on UX for ecommerce, mobile design and user friendliness.

2. Interaction Design Foundation

IDF is a not-for-profit organisation that is dedicated to provide Ivy-league standard education materials in UX design. It provides courses and certification UX subjects such as visualization, and how to create addictive UX. I’m currently taking some of its courses which are of an extremely high standard. Many top names in the design industry have contributed to the Literature section of its blog, such as Don Norman.

3. UX Collective

UX Collective has over 300k followers to date. they provide a wealth of practice tips and advice (such as the anatomy of a button) and news and trending topics from the UX design industry. They also feature many stories from UX designers that most who have worked in the UX industry will be able to relate to.

4. UX Planet

Like other popular blogs, UX Planet contains an exciting range of topics. What makes it stand out is that its posts are written in a conversational tone, so non-designers or new designers will be able to read them easily.

5. UX Myths

I picked this blog as one of the top 5 blogs because of its unique angle. revolves around debunking the many myths and clichés of the field. Click on any of the myths and you’ll see why they’re untrue and are debunked directly by professional UX designers in the field.

Final Thoughts

Depending on how long you’ve been in the field, you may find some UX design blogs more useful and inspiring than others. When choosing the best blogs to follow, you might want to consider: 1) Nature of your job; 2) Nature of your design work; 3) The types of products; and 4) Your style of consume content.

I hope this article is helpful and wish you good-luck on your UX journey!



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