Top UX Design Groups and Communities

Photo credit: Shane Rounce

Whether you’re completely new to UX, or a professional in the field looking for tips, joining an online community is a great place to ask for possible solutions, stay on top of trends, and connect with others with a common interest!

Here are some of the best online user experience communities in my opinion, including LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups and Slack groups.

Give Good UX Company of Friends (Facebook group, 9k members)

The Give Good UX Company of Friends community is designed to offer its members a platform to ask questions, opinions, share their current struggles, and offer others feedback, support, and motivation in their UX work and career goals. Check out the group here.

UI/UX designers (Facebook group, 167k members)

The Facebook’s largest design community is meant for designers — a place to learn and share — to ask questions, network, and improve. Check out the group here.

User Experience (LinkedIn group, 157k members)

This is one of the largest UX professionals on LinkedIn(including Information Architects, Visual Designers, Product Designers, UI Designers, User Researchers) from around the world. Check out the group here.

User Experience Design (LinkedIn group, 32k members)

This community is made of UX professionals from around the world. It is a place for UX Designers, Product Designers, Interaction Designers, Usability Specialists, UX Researchers and other professionals to share links, discussions and job opportunities. Check out the group here.

Design Thinking Group (LinkedIn group, 69k members)

The Design Thinking Group is a great way to stay up to date with the latest articles, workshops, conferenes, etc. in design thinking. The goal of this group is to enable all members to grow. To remain in this group each member must contribute tangible value to the group. Check out the group here.

Designship (Slack group,11k members)

This community describes itself as the #1 community for designers looking to share, learn & grow. Like most Slack groups on this list, because of the instant chat room format, it makes messaging others much easier and make you feel like you’re part of a community. Check out the group here.

Have you come across any other communities that you find beneficial?