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How a website is designed directly influences how a user feels about the brand behind the site. Using a hero image on your site can help to establish trust among new visitors and and even convert them into customers, by helping them buy in to your site’s concept. We are going to look at 5 great examples together that I think will give you inspiration of how to make the most of large banners on your website.

What Is A Hero Image?

A hero image is a website design term used to describe an oversized banner image at the top…

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Nobody can stay creative all the time. So where do designers go to get up to speed with the latest trends and find inspiration? Here are the five websites I think the best to get your creative juice flowing.

Dribbble & Behance

Most designers’ first stop will be either Behance or Dribbble. They have most certainly earned their place as the “go-to” sites with the amount and quality of works up there.

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“ It’s a collective endeavour, it’s collective accountability and it may not be too late.”

— Christine Lagarde (Managing Director, IMF) on Climate Change

I looked up Project Drawdown again yesterday when discussing the topic of climate change with kids. As one of the most comprehensive and respected plans to reverse climate change, it lists the top 100 solutions to reverse global warming.

My 9-year-old and 7-year-old found interesting that eight of the top twenty in the list are related to the food system, such as supporting regenerative agriculture and reducing food waste.

“Is there anything that we can do…

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As mentioned in some of my previous posts that I have gone through stacks of books since my design journey began a year ago. A lot of books have helped me tremendously through my UX journey. Here is a list of books that have helped me deepen understanding and practice of design thinking specifically.

The Book of Beautiful Questions (by Warren Berger)

In this book. Warren Berger shares illuminating stories and compelling research on the power of inquiry. Drawn from the insights and expertise of psychologists, innovators, effective leaders, and some of the world’s foremost creative thinkers, he presents the essential questions readers need to make the best…

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“I came to parenting the way most of us do — knowing nothing and trying to learn everything.”

— Mayim Bialik

Being a parent is like on a never ending journey of learning. I’m still amazed by those new tips that I picked up from time to time even after 9 years. It could be picking priority and not trying to fix everything in one go; remembering to empathise with your children; or what children say and want could be completely different.

I find that there are a lot of similarities between parenthood and UX design. …

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Most of the time, when we are trying to solve a problem, the chances of that solutions of similar problems is already out there is high. Instead of spending days or weeks to design a solution from scratch, we can look for a design that solves a problem that has been solved inside a different application before. That’s a design pattern to us.

What are User Interface (UI) design patterns?

User interface (UI) design patterns are reusable/recurring components which designers use to solve common problems in user interface design. For example, the breadcrumbs design pattern lets users retrace their steps. Designers can apply them to a broad…

I am a huge fan of wooden block puzzles. Having playing since I was a child, I have always appreciated the elegance of these puzzles. The pieces can seem very simple at the first glance, however, The simplicity is deceptive. Not only they are a great entertainment for both children and adults, there are also a lesson or two that designers can learn from them.

1. Problem solving (forward and backward)

When I was holding a puzzle in my hand, I always first tried to observe and figure out how these pieces fit together and how the end result should be. Once I could paint a…

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I have always loved the smell of fresh ink and the weight of paper of books and magazines. Although it’s very convenient to go online and read these days, picking up a heavy book or a glossy magazine is a better best way to absorb inspiration. When holding a magazine, I’m immersed in its smell of ink, sound of page turning and inspiration!

1. Offscreen

Offscreen is an independent print magazine that examines how we shape technology and how technology shapes us. It’s published three times a year, as well as a weekly newsletter.

It’s is a slow counterbalance to the fast…

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I have always loved going out into the world, getting to know people and witnessing their lives. It is a powerful source of inspiration. But what about when you don’t have time or means? Especially right at this moment, with the lock-down orders across the globe, now more than ever, we need to stay inspired by people and things. A documentary is a good alternative.

Here are a list of my favourite documentaries. Some will make you laugh and others will make your cry. And I hope that all of them will get your creativity flowing.

1. Iris

“IRIS pairs the 87-year-old…

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Whether you’re completely new to UX, or a professional in the field looking for tips, joining an online community is a great place to ask for possible solutions, stay on top of trends, and connect with others with a common interest!

Here are some of the best online user experience communities in my opinion, including LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups and Slack groups.

Give Good UX Company of Friends (Facebook group, 9k members)

The Give Good UX Company of Friends community is designed to offer its members a platform to ask questions, opinions, share their current struggles, and offer others feedback, support, and motivation in their UX work and career goals…

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